Custom Apparatus

Palmetto offers a full line of Ferrrara Fire Apparatus. Each Ferrara truck is custom engineered to your department's exact specifications. Ferrara usese only the strongest materials in the industry to build a heavy duty fire apparatus that will thrive in the volitile conditions of modern emergency and fire service.

Aerial Ladders

Each model in the HD series of aerial ladders carries a 500 pound tip load while flowing 1250 GPM, any aerial configuration.
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Aerial Platforms

Ferrrara platforms are available in 85’ and 100’ lengths, both as a 3-section rear mount or a 5-section mid-mount.
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From the top mount to the multi vocational pumper, each Ferrara pumper fire body style can be customized to meet your department's exacting demands.
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A variety of tankers and tenders are available as a traditional tanker/tender or a pumper-tanker. Tanks up to 3500 gallons are available.
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Ferrara has the strongest rescue bodies while offering the widest variety of body styles and capabilities.
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